Club History

The Irish Lawn Tennis Association was founded in Dublin in 1879. In the following year Cannon Toppin and Daniel Power established Tramore’s first Tennis Club in the grounds of Newtown House, where regular tournaments were played throughout the 1880’s. A look at the Officers and Committee in those days leaves us in no doubt about the social connotations of the sport : - President- Congreve Rogers J.P. ; Hon Treasurer- E.M. Feely ; Hon Secretary- Dr. H.B. Maunsell. Committee: Major Maunsell, J.P., P.Kent, P.J. Kenny, H.J.Gallwey, and J.R.Tobin.

By the end of the 19th century the club had new headquarters at Hill Quarter Road (the present location), and was known as the Tramore Tennis and Croquet Club. This new tennis ground proved a great attraction but was too small to cater for all the local enthusiasts. In 1903 the committee acquired four courts from Mr.Wright of Albion House – two of them being used for croquet (3 days a week). The Officers at that time were : - Chairman- Francis R. Coffee, C.E. ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer – J.Denroche. Committee Members were – R. Wright, P.J. Kenny, H.J. Forde, Henry Feely, D.S. Power, F.J. Trant, Fred Budd, H. Nash, H. Smellie, and Rev. G. Swanton Sweetman. Over the following years the club made steady if unspectacular progress.

In 1976 a forward looking committee decided to plan for the future of the game. Their development plan included the conversion of the existing grass courts into four hard courts. Because of their vision and the later installation of lights the present membership can avail of all the year round tennis.

Past Presidents Tramore Tennis Club:
W.D Gallewey, Matt Sills, Kathleen Kennedy, Elanor Power, Pat Lawrence, Eva Mitchell, Michael Darrer, Hilary Coffey, Marie Kenneally, Avril Halley, Conor Walshe, Paul Slattery, Jackie Kennedy, Elaine Tighe, Dermot Moore, David Sheppard, Paul Kenny, Rachel Mulcahy, Tom Finnegan, Louise Grubb, Mary Walsh, Bernard Pollard, Olwyn Beresford.

Honorary Members Tramore Tennis Club:
John Kelly, Tom Healy, Matt Sills, Pat Lawrence, Anne Harpur, Kathleen Kennedy, Elanor Power, Walley Coffey, Paul Slattery, David Kenny, Jackie Kennedy, Elaine Tighe, Gerald Reade.

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